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Yukta Controls is an engineering solutions provider, specializing in high technology and capital-intensive industries such as oil & gas, manufacturing, wastewater & food processing.

Our core area of expertise lies in Electrical Engineering & System Integration. But we can also manage any project within your facility as a turnkey effort if desired. Yukta Controls can act as a single point of contact and subcontracts the building trades to qualified companies, saving your company the effort of managing and coordinating multiple vendors.

Based on our extensive experience, Yukta Controls will work with your company up front to help ensure that your project is scoped properly, and costs are defined and understood before the work is subcontracted out, reducing the need for costly change orders when the project is underway. In today’s business climate of tight budgets and tighter schedules, many companies do not have adequate resources or expertise in-house to manage expansion projects. Yukta Controls can help you ensure that your project is properly scoped, estimated, and executed to meet your deadline, while staying within budget, and meeting your business and regulatory objectives.

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