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Over the past decade or so, recognizing the growing importance of data, customers are looking to integrate the plant floor application with the enterprise application. PLC vendors have been offerings solutions to improve communications with their devices. Once a user builds an interface application with an HMI development tool, OEM’s would provide them the drivers and other connectivity components that enable communications with the PLC. Users are then required to purchase individual copies of drivers/OPC for every machine on which they wanted to run their application, along with annual software maintenance fees for each copy. Not to forget tens of thousands of dollars needed to be spent on buying and updating the software.

Yukta Controls offers HMI/SCADA applications in .NET Platforms that would save clients not only thousands of dollars on software but provide the flexibility of running the HMI application on any machine. We provide .NET HMI applications in Allen Bradley, GE, Modbus & Siemens platforms. Below are some of the few features that are available with .NET HMI and not with HMI/SCADA software from other vendors.

  • Machine-independent

  • No restrictions on a number of Runtimes

  • No restriction on the number of tags used

  • Dynamic user authentication

  • An online configuration of Alarms

  • PLC Rack Browser

  • Smart Recipe Management System

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